Newsletter March 2009

Sadly the Bowen Forum has to say farewell to Peter Briant who has been the Treasurer of the Forum since it was launched. Peter had also been a member on the FWG Federal Working Group, looked after the Bowen Forum website, the finances, and various administration duties, we will all miss him and his input but wish him well in his new home.

We also miss Janet Barry, another Forum member who until recently contributed a huge amount to the process of Regulation. Our grateful thanks to both Janet and Peter. There has been a huge amount of work carried out by the members of the Bowen Forum to bring us closer to completion and the final deadline, now July 2009. However, we feel there is need to clarify some points which seem to have been misunderstood so perhaps we can put the record straight.

The Core Curriculum was based on NOS (National Occupation Standards) which define what Bowen is; it has been developed by Bowen practitioners and NOT by any specific training schools. These two documents link together by reflecting similar standards and processes.

The Education sub group of the Forum includes Lay members and volunteers these are there because of their understanding of Regulation and Education - they do not represent any particular training provider.

The Core Curriculum has been developed over a period of time with full consultation via the Bowen Forum website so that ALL Bowen practitioners have had opportunity to comment on line via the website and in person at both 2007 and 2008 AGM meetings. These meetings were advertised and to which all Bowen practitioners were invited, regardless of their training schools and professional association affiliations.

All training providers were contacted and invited to take part in the development of the core curriculum, many did so and their input was very valuable.

The Bowen Forum has made great effort to be inclusive and consultative over the last 4 years. We do have deadlines to meet and as such at some point each document had to be ratified and accepted. All will be reviewed regularly; in fact the deadline we are now facing is July 2009 for completion.

We do urge all practitioners and training providers to visit the Bowen Forum website for information on the progress towards Voluntary Self Regulation. Practitioners may wish to make sure their CPDs and First Aid are up to date and the training providers will assist you all they can.