APEL       Assessment of Prior Experiential Learning

BA(UK)   Bowen Association (UK), a professional association

BTER       Bowen Therapists’ European Register, a professional association (renamed BTPA)

BT(UK)   Bowen Training (UK), a training establishment

BTPA       Bowen Therapy Professional Association, a professional association (previously BTER)

CAM        Complementary and Alternative Medicine

CNHC     The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council, the new federal regulatory body

CPD        Continuing Professional Development

ECBS       The European College of Bowen Studies, a training establishment

FRC       the proposed Federal Regulatory Council of CNHC, consisting of lay members

FTP       Fitness to Practice

FWG       the Federal Working Group

GMC       the General Medical Council, which regulates doctors

HPC       the Health Practitioners’ Council, a regulatory body

NMC       the Nursing and Midwifery Council, a regulatory body

NOS       National Occupational Standards

PA          Professional Association (e.g. BA(UK), BTER)

PAP       Practice Advisory Panel, where therapists can advise the FRC

PFIH       the Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health

PSBs       Profession Specific Boards within the CNHC, providing therapy specific advice

SSR         Statutory Self Regulation

VSR         Voluntary Self Regulation